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Haunted Oaks at Rolling Oaks Mall is a brand-new haunted attraction in San Antonio, TX featuring a 12,000 sqft haunted house maze located inside Rolling Oaks Mall and opens Soon Haunted Oaks is open for ages 12 and up, but guests with a low fear threshold and medical conditions may want to sit this one out.

Follow along the scary trail throughout Haunted Oaks, but be warned, you never know what might jump out at you!

“This is going to be a wild ride for haunted house and horror fans. We’ve put a ton of work into Haunted Oaks and the actors we have are top rated performers. We are super excited to share this with San Antonio,” says Haunted Oaks Artistic Director Joseph Devine.

Haunted Oaks will feature gruesome rooms, haunted hallways, creepy corridors, and special surprises set to frighten patrons of all ages, 12 years and older. Located on the first floor of Rolling Oaks Mall, Haunted Oaks has plenty of free parking, a family friendly atmosphere, and will scare even the most stoic of visitors. Haunted Oaks uses live actors to enhance the experience along with special effects and all the creepy stuff you’d expect from San Antonio’s newest and scariest haunted house. Haunted Oaks is a truly horrifying experience that only the truly fearless will survive!

Joseph Devine, director of the San Antonio Zombie Walk, along with a special group of event producers, have joined forces to create a truly unique experience for San Antonio. This group or producers have come together to put on a truly gruesome and horrifying experience for those who love to be scared witless. They are putting everything they can into making sure this attraction will be a mhaunted house that will haunt you for years to come. The Haunted Oaks team is focused on audience engagement and safety as well as making the experience as frightfully delightful as possible. Don’t miss it, don’t be too scared to go, let Haunted Oaks be the one to scare you this Halloween season!